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IAC's vision for its own private brand – to make OKWAP the No. 1 brand in the global Chinese market.
The IAC private brand, OKWAP, is built on the four pillars of products, market, sales and service, and the company single-mindedly devotes itself to making OKWAP the No. 1 brand for handheld electronic products in the Chinese market.

OKWAP products are famous for their innovative and esthetic qualities. Through a strategy of "software drives hardware" and "hardware includes software," the company has pulled together a "user-friendly interface," "excellent industrial design" and "patented, easy-to-use software" to offer consumers the best service and meet their immediate demands.

Aside from winning a number of international awards for their exquisite design, OKWAP products have been rapidly and steadily increasing in number every year. These include integrated, dual-mode, multi-network products like GSM/GPRS, CDMA, PHS, WCDMA, and TD-SCDMA. Anywhere, anytime, OKWAP products are ready to meet every possible consumer network telecommunication need throughout the Chinese market!

Through its localization activities, experiential marketing, and community management, OKWAP has in a very concrete way carried out its guiding principles of being close to, and concerned with, the market. The idea of zero distance between brand and consumer has taken deep root in people's daily lives and has won popular support.

PHS Xiaolingtong products account for close to 40% of the market and are the national market leader; and they have the second highest market share in Taiwan for GMS products.

Not only has OKWAP had achievements in market expansion it can be proud of, the incredibly energetic and fantastically effective OKWAP team, always new in their marketing creativity and widely admired by their colleagues in the industry, began a whole new look for the market.

IAC implemented an operations management model for OKWAP products that combined "research, production and sales into one," offering customers the most flexible approach. Market scale and sales volume plus superb quality control further brought customers wave after wave of phenomenal sales figures.

The yearly "dealer summit" and "wealth train" events, aside from showing dealers the latest products for the market, create a wonderful platform for sales cooperation among dealers.

OKWAP makes "valuing talent, treasuring talent" the foundation of the company's vigorous development. With a management philosophy focusing on "the individual as the foundation," OKWAP attracts, trains and keeps top talent to put together its outstanding company teams. For each operational company and location there is an exclusive team that gets deeply involved in management and, with a flexible, positive and totally harmonious attitude, throws itself single-mindedly into the work to meet the customer's needs and create maximum customer value.

OKWAP has a national network of some 750 after-sales points of service that offer consumers the most convenient and accessible service; a 24-hour free hotline and a 72-hour repair guarantee provide consumers the most flexible multi-service mechanism available.

OKWAP has introduced the customer relationship management (CRM) system with highly efficient customer service hotlines, and with permanent quality assurance and superior service, this has created an excellent foundation for customer service that guarantees immediate and rapid solutions to problems.

A relationship with every product--OKWAP has a service network that offers continuous outreach and places high value on the needs of every consumer; it values the family members of every regular user of its products, creates a bond with them, becomes close with people at the grass roots level, is rooted in the Chinese community and brings recognition to its brand name.